Developing Executive Teams
to High-Performance levels

Welcome to the Abertis Synergy Programme

Live it To Learn it!

Be prepared for a totally different experience about what an executive workshop is today. In this exciting learning program, you will live the experience of building a high-performance team. In addition, you will be able to feel team cohesion develop and share the emotion of failures and successes in your team.

Keys of the Programme


  • Understanding the environment with global vision (System Thinking)
  • Knowing how to solve problems in interdependent and interrelated situations (Complexity Science)
  • Making decisions in uncertainty (Uncertainty Management)
  • Leading and motivating High-Performance Teams (Teamwork)
  • Creating the right conditions to allow the emergence of shared leadership (Distributed Leadership)


Traditionally, decision-making and management are founded on order, stability and certainty. Managers are often not trained or accustomed to coping with unpredictable events and conditions. The anxiety and bewilderment that comes with conditions of uncertainty and complexity are confusing and inhibiting. Having a model prepared for inducing changes in these situations is especially valuable in times of changes.
This model, the Cooplexity Model, is the result of ten years of research and five of data collection. It rigorously explains what to consider from an operational perspective, where Full Collaboration is critical to accelerating Innovation and Efficiency in a Complex and Uncertain world.


Empowering collaborators to make decisions through established mechanisms is necessary for the emergence of decentralised and spontaneous self-coordination.
The leadership model required to boost the three levels of the model implies Tolerance of Error for individuals, aligning goals around a Common Project for teams and a known Established Criteria at the organisational level.
In the end, the objective is to empower skilled and motivated collaborators to make decisions following the strategy. It means the emergence of decentralised and spontaneous, full collaboration.


Simulation & Gaming as methodology plays upon the most emotional nature of the participant, turning them into invaluable experience-building training tools. They influence attitudes, improves relationships, encourages cohesion and team spirit, generates networks among the participants and, create affective bonds between them.
Experimentation through games and simulation enables knowledge to be integrated and automated and is particularly useful to make complex realities easier to understand. It is an ideal methodology for higher training dynamics, both at universities as well as in organisations.

Key Benefits

Manage your anxieties in the face of uncertainty.
Go beyond your mental models to expand possibilities.
Learn how to focus team energy on a common goal.
Experience constructive conflict in teams by increasing trust.
Take advantage of diversity in teams by improving rational dialogue and maximising ideas.
Design decentralised structures to unlock people’s talent.
Create a collaborative culture.


  • Kick-off

    July, 5

    Introductory readings
    Test TEAM 12

  • Classroom Seminar

    July, 12-13

    Experiential learning
    Synergy business simulation
    Introduction to Cooplexity model

  • Distance Learning

    2 following weeks

    Cognition, cohesion and self-coordination
    Readings, videos and activities

  • Closure

    July, 26

    Programme conclusion



Ricardo Zamora

President & CEO Cooplexity Institute

Entrepreneurship (innovation, opportunity, creativity, proactivity, experimentation and learning)
Teamwork (awareness of interdependence, cohesion, collaboration, and team consciousness)
Distributed Leadership (self-coordination and dispersed decision-making as a process of emergence of natural and spontaneous interposed leaders).




Senior Executive Training & Development
Complex & Distributed leadership
Strategic Visioning & Design
Entrepreneurial Learning
E2E Mentoring
Organizational Learning Process Design
Participatory Learning and Development

Before the course


Hard reading if you are so brave:

Shorter version, more popular, from a leadership perspective:

Versión en español si soy algo “más comodón” 🙂


It is a self-projected test to identifying your teamwork profile

Complete the test

When & Where?


July 12-13, 2016


First day : 9:00 a 19:00
Second day: 9:00 a 18:30


AC Hotel Gavà Mar
Carrer dels Tellinaires, 33 – 35
08850 Gavà – Barcelona